Sunday, July 18, 2010

Pruning... Today was all about pruning the tomatoes

I have been lazy, updating content takes thought and energy. Besides, constantly adding to HubPages has been taking a bit of my time and ideas. Nonetheless, here I am typing about pruning tomatoes!! Learning all about blogging is not as easy as I thought. Making money out of blogging is even harder than I had hoped, but we'll take up on that some other time. For now I want to focus on pruning :D

Last night was raining, thundering and lightning like crazy! So with the storm gone, I had to focus on pruning all the extra weight off the tomatoes plants. All of those extra branches that are not holding any fruits are just dead weight and when there's a storm it just causes more damage. I focused on the lower branches, but ended up working my way up and pruning quite a bit of them. I can finally see all the clusters of tomatoes hanging onto the plants.

Pruning tomato plants is beneficial for several reasons. For one, there is less weight on the plant itself, as the branches get larger it just makes it hard to navigate around them and adds unnecessary weight. Another point is that these branches keep the fruits from getting all of the nutrients that they should be getting. As these branches seem to get so large and bulky, they are getting all the nutrients. Pruning the plants will yield larger fruits!

I was a bit disappointed the other day because I found some blossom end rot on some of the fruits. But today all of that went away when I could finally see behind all the branches. I continue to be amazed every time I step out the door to check on the garden. The clusters of tomatoes are amazing, I've never seen so many tomatoes in just one vine! A whopping 14 on just one branch, of which 11 are growing perfectly and 3 are still babies (too soon to say if I will actually harvest all 14). And I know that all this may sound stupid or even crazy to you; but to me actually seeing that the work I've put into my garden is paying off is just darn awesome. My daughter and I picked two green beans and ate it right off the plant. It was so heart warming to see her eating that green been like it was candy and to see her amusement by nature.

Thanks for reading my ramblings.. until next time
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