Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Work-At-Home Mommy

Working from home has its advantages as well as disadvantages. One of the things that I love the most about working from home is being able to wear whatever I want. Pijamas, no matter. I also love not having to drive to an office, spending money on gas, tolls, lunches and what not. Instead I just walk right into my office and voila I am at work. The most challenging part that I have found while working for Language Line has been the schedule. I elected to go for the graveyard schedule over the weekends and so my weekends are shut. Saturdays I am up at 6:45am leave to go to work at the post office until 12:15pm and then home to rest for a few, make dinner and be ready to work at 7pm. Due to the fact that I am working typically until 3:30am, I find it really hard to function the next day. Although my body seems to be getting used to the very strange schedule I am on right now, my mind doesn't like it one bit.

Another thing I have found challenging is maintaining a good voice after it's past a certain hour. That is something that I will have to work on as I go along. Since my performance largely depends on how I project my voice, it is imperative that I find solutions to keep it from getting hoarse. Some recommendations are a warm cup of tea. Having something warm pass through your cords can be soothing and healing. However, tea can also induce tiredness and the need to sleep! Perhaps my next best choice is honey, some halls, and drinking plenty of water.

The kids also need some adjustment to the new dynamics of our family. Occassionally they walk into my office while I am working or they might be too loud in the kitchen. They assume that when I say "mommy has to work now" that I am actually leaving and going into the office. They are used to the idea that I work at the post office, but now I am also working at home. And although I say I am working they find it hard to believe because, well, mommy is still home. The baby especially has been hard to break. She loves to sleep with me (I know she is 4 now and should be sleeping on her own, what do you want from me?) and misses the warmth of mommy. Sometimes she wakes up at 3am and I have to quickly go comfort her and run right back to my phone.

By the end of the weekend and into Monday I am typically worn and groggy. And as much as I would love to hit the bed, instead I get up at 7:30am get the kids ready for school and head out the door with them. With Gia now in school sure I could go home and take a 2 hour nap, but I am afraid I might over sleep. Once I pick her up from school at noon, I go home hang out with her or run errands until it's time to pick up the boys. In between I attend to any appointments I might have scheduled for the day (heck why not just get them done while I am at it). By the time 5 o'clock comes around I am literally dead, but my day is yet to be over. I still have dinner to make, baths to give (most of the time I make the little ones skip Mondays bath), bed time snacks, and well the dishes they just have to wait. Finally at 9pm I might watch some television and by 10 hit the bed. The rest of the week, of course if I am not required for duty at the post office, I make up for the sleep I lost. Only to start the whole cycle all over again over the weekend. In between all of this I also still have to find time for my chores, and some intimate time with hubby.

As much as I would like to complain, I reap the benefits two weeks later when my paycheck hits my account.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Happy Birthday to this ol'bag

Turned 29 today... my kids "surprised me" with some balloons, plants, and cards =). But if anyone asks I just turned 19! Heck no, I am not going to start feeling old now. I am just getting started. This week I am planning on filing for a promotion (yeah it hasn't been a year in the post office but I can do it!). I have always considered myself a smart woman with the capability to learn very quickly. And as I am getting older I am not about to let that change.... watch out USPS here I come.

Goal setting for me seems to be a major task, and so this is why I am determined to have this application completed and submitted by December. But not just that, I am setting reachable goals that I hope to accomplish within short periods of time. I cannot look 5 years from now, but I can look at a year from now  at what I expect to have done and where I expect to be. The good thing about short term goals is that it doesn't feel like a whole truck-load of tasks for me to accomplish.

Do you find yourself setting goals when another year turns? Have you been able to accomplish everything that you've set out to do?

'Til next time


Friday, September 17, 2010

Celebrating One More Year Closer to 30!!

Darn... my birthday is tomorrow. I am turning 29, and yet I don't feel a day past 19! It feels as though time flies sometimes, and one could only wish to stop it for a second or maybe a minute or two. Does that make any sense? Is it that I have not stopped to take a deep breath and enjoy the air I breathe in? But really just stop, and think about nothing but what is around me. Not the material stuff, but the irreplaceable. Like my beautiful kids, watching them grow, watching them take on their little personalities. The intangible, like my feelings of love, appreciation, and sometimes even sadness, desperation. All the little things that we feel as we grow older *or wiser*. I sigh in complete content that for the first time in my life I am headed in a direction of spiritual peace and journey to appreciate what life has given me. Now that's a birthday gift.

I have been working at Language Line and it has been going well. It is, however, mentally exhausting and going to bed at 3:30am is tiring. However, I am grateful that I have the opportunity to work from home for a few hours. My blogging has been a bit slow lately, but I have continued to blog about The Real Housewives. Check it out... it is simply my opinions and thoughts about them and weekly show recaps and news.

My latest obsession has been watching Glenn Beck. Now before you start throwing stones at me, first hear me out. I have this dream that I can live a sustainable life, that I can guide my kids into living sustainably and providing the food that lays on their table. And a lot of what Glenn Beck says is so true. We have become so dependent on the government and who does what for us. But what would happen say agriculture comes to a halt? Who is going to provide food for us? Are we that incapable that we can no longer farm our own food? Now I am not saying drop everything and start farming, but what I am saying is be capable of doing things for yourself. How many of us are unable to cope with our problems and issues? Does a pill have the answer to our problems or will our problems be waiting for us after the pill wears out? That is why I have been obsessing with watching his show. To see that there is good in people and that we don't need the government handing things down to us. Instead to unite and be charitable, and if I am fortunate enough to give. You can't receive unless you give.

With that I am going to sign off... 'Til next time

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Try not to become a man of success but a man of value.
-Albert Einstein

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