Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Free Gift Cards!!

I wanted discuss this a little further so you get a better idea as to how I get my gift cards. I have been an active member of My Points since 2007. To this date I have earned over 31,000 points, and of that I have redeemed 27,000. In just a few words, My Points is a company that connects merchants with consumers through their websites, emails and consumer opinions. In return the customer is rewarded with points that can be traded for gift cards. Here is how it works:
1)   Signing up for my points is easy and free - You can Google it and go straight to their website or if you have a friend that is already a member, why not ask them for a referral? They will thank you for it!
2)   How to earn points - Earning points is as easy as reading your emails!
  • Your first stop is to fill out your profile, and you'll be earning 60 points just for doing so.
  • Make sure you scroll down on your email for the offer, you get 5 points just for clicking on the email or more points if you follow through with the offer.
  • You get points for shopping online, make sure to access the stores website through My Points in order for the purchase to qualify. 
  • Answering surveys can earn you 50 points if you qualify, but if you do not qualify you still will get 10 points.
  • Other point earning opportunities include referring friends (that has gotten even more exciting earning you 10% off your friends' earned points), signing up for emails, bonus offers, printing coupons, downloading the search bar, daily Spin 'n' Win, and more!
3)   Redeeming your points - Is just as hard as deciding where you want to shop! With over 70 participating merchants, it's hard to choose where you want to spend your hard earned money. You can start redeeming for gift cards as low as $10 or as high as $100, some stores however, will only go up to $25 such as Overstock.com. Your options are endless, from clothing, to shoes, to electronics; My Points is the place to be.

A few things to keep in mind when signing up with My Points are:
  • You will be getting emails from them daily, so make sure to read them and delete them daily so your mailbox is not flooded.
  • Before you can redeem for the first time you have to have made at least one purchase through My Points.
  • Spread the word! Referring friends will yield you more points and your friends will thank you for it too!
  • And if you decide to sign up for My Points, let me know. I don't mind a referral or two ;)

Hope you find this blog informative and helpful. If you are already a member of My Points, what do you like about the program? What have you redeemed for so far?

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