Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A fake is a faker, a faker, a faker... as Danielle Staub's friend Danny would put it =)

I watched Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, and I just couldn't stand Danielle Staub for a second. She looked like she couldn't be done with the show fast enough. Her little dance was just another one of her acts! I guess she was trying really hard to make Andy feel better. And to be quite honest, I disagree with Bravo's depiction's of what Real Housewives are like. Or perhaps I am the one that's not normal here???? It seems as though, these housewives are more about the limelight, fame, promoting their businesses and products then about being an actual housewife.

Their childish behavior on national television does nothing but degrade who we are as women, as mothers, and as wives. There is more to women than bickering and constant drama. We are strong, intelligent, human beings. Although, I admit that I watch the shows, I constantly find myself questioning their behavior. I suppose it makes for great TV ratings, but where do their children fall in all of this. As many have watched, Ashley, Jaqueline Laurita's daughter, has fallen into a very self-destructive behavior. I wish I could put my hand right thru the tube and as Italians would say "give her a beaten". She has no respect for herself let alone her mother, and it is so obvious that she could care less. I do believe that Jaqueline is trying to get a hold of the situation, and who am I to criticize anyone or their parenting skills?

The fact of the matter is, while some of the Real Housewives are down to earth and grounded, most of them are self absorbed and misrepresent who we really are. If they were to bring cameras into the homes of your everyday housewife, what a different story it would be. We would be running around town dropping the kids off to school, doing the household shopping, cleaning our homes, and caring for our families. 

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