Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The long week is finally over! Now back to relaxation =)

The last time I blogged I had so much in my mind that by the time I got to sit down, between the kids interrupting, dinner, and cleaning, I forgot all I had in mind. So I figure, with such a busy week and very little time, I would write down my thoughts and blabber and post them as I make time. More efficient, I guess, and I can edit as I type.

So phase one of my daughter's room is on it's way; what a disaster of a room! I have the track system installed, and a wire shelf already set up (and yes, I did install it myself). I am definitely no contractor, but I'd say I did a decent job installing the system. Now I have to get myself to the hardware store to get the desk portion and a few more brackets.

Today I am working on my yard, getting some mulch on my plants. And when I say mulch I mean all the leaves and pine needles we collected over the fall that is sitting on the side of my yard. As nature takes its course all the leaves and brown matter start to turn to mulch and compost. My tomatoes are looking wonderful, I really can't wait to try them!! So with that said, here are some pictures of my work this week *apart from my real job* and I will soon be blogging about making it in this economy with a family of five, tips and tricks to smart shopping.

If you are reading my blog comment, follow me, share me, twit me =) Don't worry my husband is not jealous ;) ooh and keep yourself hydrated in this heat!! Until next time

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