Saturday, July 24, 2010

Infant crochet hat, headband and knitted socks

I am finally all done with my friends' baby hat, headband and socks! It is sooo precious, that I was tempted for a second **for a very slim second** to have another girl! The headband was done in tunisian crochet, I used a stretchy cotton yarn, and added two pink flowers for a final touch. The hat is made all in single crochet, and it is almost like a hat you would wear to the Kentucky Derby. The headband can be easily placed around the hat for the extra flare. The socks are knitted, again in stretchy cotton yarn, and each with a flower to match the headband. This is the first time I ever worked socks this small, but they are so easy to make and so cute. 

The hat is King Tut cotton, it is a simple pattern done in the round, single crochet throughout, with increases for 7 rounds. The brim is also done in single crochet and it is achieved by creating more increases once you reach the desired length for the hat. The basic pattern for this hat can be found in the book Fun & Funky Crochet by Sophie Britten. However, I did adjust the pattern to fit the look I was trying to achieve.  It is all about taking a pattern and making it your own!
I really do hope that it will fit the baby, I haven't had a baby in so long I forgot how small (or big) they are. All in all, I feel very confident that they will fit her just fine ;). I really enjoyed working on this set, especially since I didn't know what the socks would look like once done. It was really exciting to see the final product completed.

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