Thursday, June 24, 2010

Working, working, working!!

I've been away from my computer for a few days now, been working since last week and needed a day to recuperate ;). But I have to say my vegetable garden is doing well. I picked some baby leaf lettuce yesterday, and the taste was wonderful. I finally see little baby tomatoes on the vine, from what I can tell they might be the San Marzano Roma tomatoes. I picked up a few last year at the Woodstock Farmers Market and saved the seeds (except I never label my seeds). I put them out early and to my surprise they held up really well even in the cold weather. We have yet to work on our raised beds, and since it's a bit late now I might just build it and get it ready for next year. Or I might use it for lettuce and radishes, since lettuce is cold hardy it should work. 

Simon is sitting on my lap as I type, he is just the biggest cat I've ever seen lol! I promised to post pictures of our pets, and here is a picture of him. I will have a picture of Spot, our bunny up soon. Here is a picture of my tomatoes plants, I believe this is the San Marzano. I suppose I will let you know soon enough. 

My Points Overstock gift cards are on their way! I have yet to figure out what to get from them :/ I almost feel like I should have chosen The Gap or Old Navy! I am not great at purchasing clothing online, in fact, I've never bought clothes online. So with that in mind, maybe I will stick to my usual electronics purchase, perhaps a new espresso machine :). I have to have my morning coffee when I'm going to work, otherwise I am like a walking zombie. Cappuccino anyone? I just love FREE stuff!! I few emails here, survey there, and voila! A gift card in the mail! 

I will sign off for now, besides, I am in pain right now! I broke a nail down to the nail bed at work the other day and it seems like every time I bump into something it lands right on my nail!!!!

Until next time, 


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