Friday, June 25, 2010

Wooohooo!! I got my rewards today =)

I opened up my mailbox and how exiting to see that envelope from My Points??? OMG my three gift cards for came in, I'm dancing on my chair right now. And here is a picture, so I can get you excited too! I also got some free samples from P&G, overall I can't complaint.

I have to show pictures of my San Marzano tomatoes, they are growing so much. I have a bunch of little tomatoes on the vine! I just can't wait to make my sauce with them yummmy. I took a picture of my cucumbers and of course as promised Spot!!
It's amazing to watch nature take it's course. It all started out with a little seed that I saved from last year's farmers market finds. And now its a grown plant with blooms and fruits. I know my kids will enjoy picking the tomatoes and eating them right off the vine. It really is a different taste than what you would normally get at the store. The flesh is just fresh and delicious. And although their shelf life is not as great as what you buy at the store, you are also eating the most natural and organic. I don't use any pesticides, or growth pills or whatever the case may be. I just picked up some composted leaves from my yard, and away they grow!
My cucumbers are beginning to vine, I did plant them a little late. But nevertheless, I can see little buds where there will be flowers soon. And of course a salad isn't a salad without lettuce! I have that going as well, they are slowly making their way up to catch up with the rest.

Please if you have any comments or suggestions, I do appreciate them. Follow me, share me, twitter me, I don't mind at all ;) I hope you enjoyed my blog, and until next time!


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