Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What's a DisOrganized Person to do? (or not)

So I got this book by Stacey Platt, What's a disorganized person to do? and I've only flipped through the pages. So caring/carelessly, as if that will help me straighten out my life and my house and my kids!! Which gets me thinking, what is the difference between an organized person and an obsessive compulsive person? Not really sure :/ What I do know is this, I am the most disorganized person I've ever met (well maybe not the most, but I'm sure feeling like I am) and for some reason I obsess over the stupidest little things like my flatware has to be in a certain order, my knives have to be organized by size and face a certain way, my dishes are all by type and size!! But that's about all that's organized in my house, therefore, in hopes that I can organize a little around here, I'm hitting the book!

Today we are hoping to work on our first raised bed for our garden! With all the room we have, you would wonder why on earth we are using raised beds?? Well, for one they are easier to manage and reach, also the ground is really hard to work with rocks and what not, and thirdly I can put my very own soil in them. I also have to somehow fence the area to keep my little and big visitors away from my veggies. We often see little chipmunks, squirrels, birds of all sorts, wild rabbits, but most of all DEERS! they love veggies and flowers and will wreck havoc if I don't fence.

Enough about that! Apart from my husband and I, we have our three precious kids, a cat and a bunny! I will post pictures of our pets soon, and I am also hoping to add an angora bunny soon. I have been brainwashing my husband into this whole "let's farm our own stuff and raise animals" idea; and I really think it's working ;). I am convinced that if we are really frugal and we grow our own vegetables, raise chickens for the eggs, have bunnies for the wool, we can live on a 30K/yr budget! Wish me luck!

On a last thought, I can't wait to get my free $75 worth of gift cards!! Yeah!! If you like shopping online and answering surveys I can show you how to get free gift cards to your favorite stores. Beware though, it takes some time out of your day *or night* to go through your emails (Free doesn't always mean easy).

Thanks for dropping by to read my rants, and idiotic thoughts. Until next time,


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