Monday, August 9, 2010

Just Another Random summer Sunday Afternoon

Yesterday we headed out to the yard and ended up putting together a 4'x8' box that will serve as a raised bed for our garden. It was a hot and humid summer day, so after we were done with that we decided to just relax and let the kids run the backyard. And then it was grilling time! Threw some steaks on the BBQ, made some mash and salad, and figured lets just eat outside. Take that back! the flies had a better idea. The minute we sat down to eat, these flies started coming out of nowhere. And hubby was enjoying killing flies more than eating his steak. So in we ran with dishes, drinks, and kids! Finally we could enjoy dinner.

After dinner we went back outside for a little game I call "if you land there I will plop you". Well you see, hubby was having a little too much fun killing flies that I just had to join in. Yuck, it is just disgusting, gross, but the more we killed these stupid flies the more that came. It was the flies massacre. EXTRA! EXTRA! This just into the newsroom of flytown_Be alert and stay away from Lina's house, the number of bodies is in the hundreds and rising! LOL! Seriously what a party pooper.

Anyhow, we were able to put the swatters down and let the kids have their fun_Smore time! We made them smores by the fire until their faces could not take anymore chocolate, and into the bath they went. After bath, it was finally hubby and me time. We watched the movie Brothers with Tobey McGuire and Jake Gyllenhaal. I was bawling! I seriously wanted hubby to skip the knock on the door part. Maybe I am too sentimental or emotional or whatever, but this sadness came over me. I mean come on now, its just a movie right?? It got me thinking our men and women (our children, spouses, friends, etc) are out there fighting this war, but how many of us really care? I mean REALLY CARE? We take our freedom for granted, as if it was this God given right. And these men and women come back from war, having put everything on the line, having lost themselves out there, and I ask you for what? Only they know what they have seen and done to give us the luxury we can today call freedom.

To all our troops and war veterans, I salute you, I thank you because without you we would have no freedom and for all we know we would be living hostages to terrorism and fear. God Bless You, and may you get home safe.

'Til next time,


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