Saturday, August 7, 2010

Career at a Crossroad

I haven't blogged in a few days, between work and Real Housewives blogging and my lately lack of sleep my brain has been kind of fried! I am sort of stuck at a crossroad right now, and I don't know whether to be excited or scared. I applied to get a position as a Spanish interpreter with Language Line and the interview process has gone smoothly. I am literally ready to be hired, but I wonder if I can really handle it all? It is a great opportunity, as I would be working from home. I have also picked a part time schedule that will not conflict with my job at the post office, but I still wonder if I am over loading myself. '

One thing I have learned from working at the post office is that I am at their beckoning. The pressures of having to commit to "when needed" has now proven to be difficult, especially when I have 3 kids, no family nearby, and no baby sitter. So the sound of working from home sounds sweet right now, but I hold on to the future I could have at the post office. No matter, I am considering continuing my position there and taking on the new job as well. This could potentially mean more time for blogging *with a sly smile* during the periods that I have no calls and less sleep for me. 

What to do?????? 

I have made some exciting changes to my blog. With the addition of a Store page where you can find some of my work. All of my work is made individually for the person ordering it, so if you have any specific colors you want or whatever the case may be just ask me. The check out is safe and secure through Google Checkout, but if you do not have an account I can accept PayPal. 

Garden update: Tomatoes are delishhhh but with the last rain we got the wind blew my plants to the ground!! No biggie I have left them alone and let nature take its course. The cucumbers are simply delicious and juicy and I couldn't ask for more! 

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